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The realities of elder abuse and how you can help put a stop to it

It could happen to your mother, father, or grandparents – there is no discrimination with elder abuse and sadly the number of cases is piling up as the years go on. Irrespective of financial, social or religious backgrounds, elder abuse is becoming increasingly common the abuse is often at the hands of someone close to home.

Thankfully in Florida, as of July 1st, 2018, we have a new injunction law that creates a legal process for a vulnerable adult, an organization acting on behalf of a consenting vulnerable adult, or a vulnerable adult’s court-appointed guardian to ask a judge to temporarily freeze the assets in question AND prohibit contact between the vulnerable adult and the exploiter. We are the first in the nation to have such a law!

The law is applicable to an adult who is unable to care for or protect themselves or whose ability to perform certain activities of daily living, is impaired due to a disability or the infirmities of aging. Incapacity is not a requirement for the majority of the sections of the law. The process involves filing a petition in circuit court; the injunction is issued without giving the alleged exploiter any warning. A hearing is held after 15 days. Then the judge decides whether to continue the injunction, to order the alleged exploiter to perform certain actions or to order other necessary relief to protect the vulnerable adult.

Always report elder abuse. You can report elder abuse by calling 1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873). Then contact us to so we can help you seek injunctive relief for the vulnerable adult.

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