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Are you trying to decide if your loved one is ready for an assisted living community?

As your loved ones get older, several difficult conversations may have to take place if you see that they are not able to make important life decisions on their own. It is very difficult for our loved ones to give up the autonomy and freedoms they have enjoyed for most of their lives. But as their faculties continue to erode, they may need help in maintaining a safe standard of living.

For some elderly loved ones, this may mean moving into an assisted living community. But when should one consider such care? These are just a few things to consider:

Have they experienced major injuries due to falls? – You may not realize it, but an older a person is, the more likely it is that complications will arise due to injuries stemming from falls.

Have their eating and over all nutrition declined? – As some people get older, they may not find the energy to cook nutritious meals. If you find that your loved one is not eating, a nursing home facility may be an option.

Are they having difficulty managing their medication? – Memories tend to fade when a person gets older, so when an elderly loved one continually forgets to take much needed medication, they may need the assistance a facility can provide.

Are they having difficulty paying their bills and managing their finances? – Finding a slew of overdue bills can be disconcerting, but an assisted living center can help elderly loved ones keep their finances together.

Assisted living communities can be costly, which is why planning is essential to giving people options as they age. With the proper estate planning we can help your loved one be a part of a secure environment where they often time they flourish.

We have seen clients make a complete turnaround in their health and overall mental well-being when they are part of a caring assisted living community. We can help you schedule tours at the communities you may be considering, that is usually a good step to take first because it gives you the comfort of seeing how truly inviting and comforting these communities can be for our loved ones. Call our office today so we can help you step-by-step to walk through this new season of life with your loved ones.

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